This is my first official blog on my site. While I’ve been active on Facebook, and using Goodreads as a place to store my blogs, I never had a place to officially store them. So all this is rather new for me. Please bare with me.

I don’t want to restate everything I’ve said in the About Me, or the Policy, or any  other pages. This is just a sort of official stamp to say, I’m ready to spread my word.

I may come off very uptight in these, or just a bit too serious for my own good, and hope it doesn’t linger too long. You see, I’m pretty laid back. I’m unintentionally funny, and just you’re average oddball. I’m just really new to all of this. I mean, REALLY new to all of this.

Inclusions in anthologies with some awesome people I’ve met, my own books out for people to read, Facebook/Twitter/Goodreads and other social media sites helping to spread my word, my own official website. All of these things are just mind-blowing, and I don’t want to mess up…again.

You see, I’ve made a few missteps. The first version of When Angels Fail suffered from very poor editing, a terrible cover, too short for the price I was asking, and I just knew nothing of about the publishing world. Ever since, I’ve been tiptoeing myself across this world, trying to figure out things before jumping in.

I’m doing the same here. But in time, I’m hoping to show you my relaxed nature. To just shoot the shit with you all, be part of the cool kids.

Yours Truly,

Michael Benavidez

P.S,  just a few things to know about what will be happening from here on out. As I said before, Facebook and Goodreads have been my main places of social networking.

So I’m going to try and bring those things, all around here. All the previous book reviews, interviews, and features I’ve had will slowly be placed here. As to not spam you all with a load of reviews all at once, I’ll be doing this a weekly thing, and redoing the features once a month. Those week-long monthly features will take place just as soon as I get my bearings.

This all begins Monday. I’m pretty damn excited. Wish me luck, and stay tuned!