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Originally posted on Goodreads, May 4, 2014 and edited January 18, 2016

Blurb: Things are starting to look up for twenty-four year-old Skye Fletcher. She’s got a new job with a great salary, she’s out of the rat-trap she used to live in and into a decent apartment. She couldn’t be happier. Except for the thorn in her side, a.k.a. Cian Hunter, her arrogant and too good-looking co-worker whom she has the misfortune of being stuck with.

In spite of himself, Cian Hunter fell hard for the surly, unfriendly woman who made no secret of her dislike for him. He knows he and Skye are meant to be. Convincing her of that fact seems like an impossible feat. However, he’s utterly confident he’s up to the task. His future and his happiness depend on it, after all.

When Skye’s one impulsive, uncharacteristic little act changes the status-quo between them, her life gets entangled with Cian’s way more than she’s comfortable with.

That’s when her life really turns upside down…


Genre: NA Romance 

This book is good, close to great. So many good things about this book with a few little pet peeves here and there, so I’ll make a list.

Sweet honest story telling.
Well rounded characters.
Multiple story lines that create a full immersive world.
Cliches used in the best of ways, and actually make it feel real, which sounds pretty odd out loud.
Cheesy, in the way that I would actually say more than half the things that these people say. But in a way that just sounds and feels better.
Personalities are real, you feel for the characters.

name dropping a bit, though probably without realizing it. It did what GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO did, wonderful story wonderful everything, but a few too many name drops of things. I usually prefer made up creations for the world, but that’s me. I don’t know how most romance books work so maybe I’m just out of my element for this.
The actions sometimes come off more along the lines of a teenage relationship. The problems seem more high school than workplace. It doesn’t do much to detract from the story, it’s just a bit of a nitpick. And it could be that that’s just me. I am out of my element with this story.

So it’s a story about two people in love, one doesn’t know it (finally something that does it right), the other barely realized it (again, it’s rare that it’s done right for me) and it’s a struggle to get them to accept it.
What helps this story is that there are two other relationships going on at the same time, and they aren’t just subplots. In fact, they do more to help build our two main characters than just to give an extra dose of lovey dovey. They’re also pretty underplayed, as to not take away from the main characters. They play a rather large role towards the end, but it isn’t thrown in as a last minute ploy. It works rather well and I enjoyed that.
Nothing really felt out of place. It was like a puzzle that enjoyed taking it’s time to be put together. It is a by the number book. You know the ending, you know the outcome and everything. But i never got that this book was trying to surprise the reader. It was merely trying to tell the story. The beginning and ending don’t matter, it’s the ride from here to there that matters.
Also, it’s cheesy, very cheesy, very fucking cheesy. I liked it haha. For all the dark books I read, it was nice to just read something lighthearted, with a dash of humor. All of which felt natural, and not really forced.
Overall, it’s something to get mushy over. You can love them, you can hate them, you actually feel for them. And they are real people. The type of people you know in reality. We all have those types of friends (if not in the full exactness, in the small ways that it puts an image in our head)

Since the time i wrote this review it was taken down for edits, and has since been put back up. I haven’t read the full edited version, so i don’t know what changes were made (if any substantial changes were made) but my opinion on the original draft still remains the same.