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Originally posted to Goodreads August 7th, 2014, and edited January 24th, 2016

Blurb: What happens when a wanted man in Mexico flees the country to take on an oil purchase in a small town on the border of Mississippi and Alabama? The same thing that happens when the son of a recently departed sheriff of the small town along with the rest of the town tries to stop him, They battle in an all out bloody war. When Javier “Bones” Jones acquires abilities from a mysterious stranger one night he then decides to take the town for everything it’s worth. It is up to a young man by the name of Emerson Shaw along with the rest of the town to put a stop to Jones and his sinister agenda, from wreaking havoc and turning their home into a desolate ghost town

4 out of 5 Stars

Genre: Weird Western, Horror 

Here is a story that just isn’t for me. It’s written with a style that took some getting used to, which I  did get used to about halfway through the book. It isn’t bad, it just means that I spent more time trying to get accustomed to the style and not focusing on the story.

Speaking of the story, it isn’t half bad.
Seriously, the story is good. It’s a book that’s good when you got some time to kill and aren’t in the mood for those long winded stories of intricate design.
The characters are a plenty, and are well rounded enough to get the plot moving without having to resort to oh-did-I-forget-to-mention-this-as-some-sort-of-motive. (Jesus Christ I should have thought of something shorter but my mind don’t work like that).
The baddie is just that, a baddie with a heart to kill and nothing else. At least that’s what I got out of it. The minions are as vicious as you’d think, and are actually pretty  gosh darn entertaining.
It has a lot going for it. And judging from the other reviews, it just falls down to personal taste thing.

Note: One thing that I didn’t like, and it did irk me quite a bit, was that the dialogue wasn’t separated. By this I mean that sometimes, two to three characters would speak within the same paragraph and it led me to being a tad bit/a lot confused. If there was any true complaint about the book that didn’t fall under ‘i’m just not the audience’, that would be it.

Note 2: Having done a reread on this, I can say that I now know what it was that bugged me. It wasn’t so much the style, as it was the formatting. The style, is actually not a big deal. One chapter was all it took this time around, but the formatting was odd. I had to reread several passages to get it a bit understood better.
All that said, I originally had this rated at a 3.5. Now, I’d say it’s a solid 4. It’s a good book, good story, characters are entertaining, and it’s all around fun.