While I have conducted my fair share of interviews (only a handful, and with authors that i have been lucky enough to know and talk to quite a bit, and were based mostly through typing back and forth), I have never been interviewed. So the idea of just holding a conversation, answering questions, actually having to talk via speech and not keyboard, was a rather daunting thought.

So when I came upon meeting author Michael J. Sanford, and saw that he was looking for authors to interview, I was rather excited and nervous. Funnily enough, it would seem I was the first person he’d interview (he’s done quite a bit more since then). A bunch of firsts all clumsily rolled into what turned out to a rather smooth experience. I present to you, my first time being interviewed and Michael’s first time interviewing on his blog: The Introverted Indie Author

BUT FIRST! Check out his website at: The Introverted Indie Author

and of course, his books at: Michael Sanford’s Page

and now for the interview: