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Originally posted on Goodreads, February 18, 2014

Blurb: These five bizarre and stimulating tales of sex and horror are graphic, bloody, disturbing and downright salacious. Prepare yourself to be drawn into the strange world of vengeful vampire ghosts, a blood-thirsty succubus, a doctor-stalking pain freak, a drug-addicted dreamer, and a female serial killer with a voracious appetite for pleasure and pain.
These stories are 18+!


GENRE: Erotic Horror 

I am going to start this review with my general thoughts of the book as a whole, then delve onto the stories as individuals. Bear with me, on this.
As a whole the book is more erotic than horror. It is, however, well done erotica coupled with a deep sense of the horror and dread. The author does well to keep things unique, as far as I recognize as unique at least. She manages to avoid repeating descriptions, or acts that can become usual in other books of short stories. A huge perk is that she gives a story to revolve around the scenes of, instead of having it be shallow and revolve around pure sex and gore. Although, I will admit that the stories are short and made only to serve us these moments she wants to capture.
My only gripe is, I wish the eroticism and horror were more finely balanced. But as it is, it really isn’t much of a problem that I’ll hold against the book. Everything is really well done as a whole. The writing is top notch, the stories hold strong as individuals, and lives up to what it is expected to deliver.

The first story starts strong with what looks to be a subtle horror story without much erotica. Then it takes the turn into being not so subtle on either points. It swerves onto that high speed moment to the point of thinking “well that escalated quickly”. There is a vibe that is quite eerie throughout (this goes for the rest of the book), and does well to keep you on end even during those high intimate moments. The vocabulary is quite explicit throughout (once again, same goes for throughout the book), but it really doesn’t go past that point where it detracts from the story.

The next is rather shorter (or at least felt shorter to me) than the first, but managed to make me cringe. It’s safe to say this story does more with the physical horror. The author adds more characters to this one without making them seem like pawn pieces meant to be toppled over, horror movie fodder for the incoming death. All the while this one isn’t much of an erotica, as it is just plain painful with sexual desires thrown into the mix. Which makes for a good change of pace.

The third story isn’t necessarily my favorite, for a reason I just can’t rightly place. It reads well, but perhaps it’s the first person point of view, or the woman’s desires that were well out of my relatability ? So it could be that it was just a bit too far out there for my personal tastes maybe? It also felt a bit more aged than the rest. Kind of like that it wasn’t as grown as the other stories I had read so far. While at this point it’s the weakest story, it doesn’t mean it was bad. It was a good story, just not a story for me.

The next story is my favorite and being my favorite I’ll just go on to say too much. So to avoid doing that I shall say it’s the best constructed as far as prose goes. It’s done wonderfully. The author creates wonderful images, characters, and it really pulls you in with colorful creations. As I said my favorite, though I am looking forward to the upcoming book.

So if sex and horror entertain you this is worth the read, very much worth the read.