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Originally posted on Goodreads April 18, 2015

Blurb: “Nothing but ashes here on in.”

Enter Eden’s dream and live out her nightmares as she explores life, love, and death.

“Make a wish.”

Chapter Description:

Eden encounters her first psychedelic crisis.


GENRE: Online Graphic Novel, Psychedelic Thriller 

The Ash Garden is unique.
It’s complex.
It’s full of insights into the mind of Eden, the main character.
It also happens to be entirely fucked up. But in a good way.

There is an addiction to this story and layout. I bought it an hour ago, maybe more, and I’ve already devoured it 10 times or so (no exaggeration). From the first pages it’s intense, forcing you to prepare for the dark, twisted, and of course, psychedelic atmosphere that the author and artist are going to try and spin you into.
It’s the introduction to something that will not apologize for the realities (and fantasies) that will be undertaken in this series.
The art is something unique. It’s new to me, and has Lily’s stamp all across it. Yet it’s not a style that says look at me, look at me, I’m a special sort. Instead it’s the kind that say,s this story needs to be told this way.
Barely going into the graphic novel world, there have been times where the art seems too flashy for the story they’re telling. As though they need a literal neon sign to say, I’m different, I’m special, just look at how different the art is. All the while, the story doesn’t mesh well with it, or creates and underwhelming feeling for the spectacle on the page.
Not here in the Ash Garden, though. This is what the story calls for. You can see Lily doing her damn best to put it on the page. And why I say that she’s doing her damn best? Because it doesn’t take a lot to show that yes she is. There is something in each page that draws the words and the pictures into one giant mural. Nothing overshadows the other.
If it was just words, they’d be empty. If it was just pictures, they’d be flat. But together they create something so entirely new and beautiful that you must go on.
However, that being said, I can understand how some people would not necessarily enjoy it. The art may not be to their liking, the story may be too abstract. Especially considering how this is merely a single chapter, to something that is obviously one giant book.
Personally this doesn’t bother me. Having taken a break from it, about a year’s worth it feels like, and going back to it for a reread, it still holds up. In fact I had more to say about it now, than i did before because it’s so refreshing from other stories I’ve been looking to as of late. I am definitely looking forward to more!

A little background on this. The Ash Garden is a sort of adaptation of the now out of print (or so I believe) Eden Fell. I had a chance to read Eden Fell, and still have it in my kindle library. I hope. It’s been forever since I’ve looked.
The book was among my first Indie reads, and it truly set a high bar. It had so much in there, that it even inspired some of the stories within my own book. With the abstract touches and the like. However, Lily decided to resurrect her story. Only this time, she brought it into a graphic novel format, under the title (you guessed it) The Ash Garden. There are currently two chapters out, and I believe she is back to working on the third chapter.