I’ve been trying hard to be active on here, to not spam with unimportant things, and to not overload with reviews. Hence the one review a week, a few shares here and there. Nothing too big.

Well now I’m gonna shake things up a bit. I’ve got me my first NEW Feature Week coming up. What does this mean, you ask?

Well, on my Facebook page, I would dedicate a whole week of features to a single author. I’d share their books available. I’d post the reviews of their books, from mine as well as others. It would all come to an end with an interview from them. This was always my favorite part simply because I am quit shit at asking questions and the like.

I don’t have set questions, well I probably will have the first question set. After that, everything becomes spur of the moment, or natural segues into the next topic.

That being said, this is a special  Feature. Not only is it the first feature for this site, or coinciding with the author’s new book, but it happens to be a person with a message.

Lindsey Fischer is a woman who has told her story of abuse through House on Sunset and is now with a new book coming.
So starting on the 25th the feature shall begin.

When the feature is over, I shall move to three reviews a week. Only of those that I have already reviewed via Goodreads, until I can catch up and starting accepting new books. Once I’m caught up, and there isn’t anything to really review, the past features shall be posted, and I will hopefully be starting some new ones.
So stayed tuned!

P.S there will be some news updates on upcoming projects! My job as a writer is not done yet, I’m just doing things at my own pace.