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Originally posted on Goodreads November 4th, 2014

Blurb: Brackett Hollister. Gunslinger. Magician. When his family was slain by a supernatural creature, Brackett dedicated his life to protecting the world from the forces of evil. Armed with both his guns and his magic, Brackett fights to make the dark safe.

When werewolves begin to gather in the old west, Brackett and his comrade in the battle against all things malevolent, African Warrior Chula, move to stop the wolves from overrunning all civilization. But the werewolves have a new leader, and he may prove to be more than Brackett and Chula can handle.

RATED 4/5 Stars

Genre: Weird Western 

Here’s a story that gives us everything that it says to be upon first glance and changes it into something different. Something a bit more.
This is a period piece that’s set in an old-school time of peasants and horseback (with a moment spent in a time way before that), this is a great action read of magic and werewolves and a bit of humor.
A great read if ever you are looking to just enjoy yourself, and the only flaw that I can say I had, is that there were moments where information just seemed to be dumped in several places. Other than that it’s a fun read with fun characters and drama that will keep you reading.
Originally I was a bit short on this review. I was kind of at a loss for words, mostly since I had never heard of weird westerns, and this book was kinda sorta very different for me. I say this in a good way. I just couldn’t wrap my head around it in how to describe it. Now, I think I can properly say, it’s a hell of a book.
Quentin knows how to write set pieces, and time pieces, while not letting things drag on too much. His humor is pretty universal, thick with sarcasm, and just a wit that I could never have in situations like that. His characters can be a bit stereotyped, but he manages to mold them into their own beings. It’s the sort of thing you read after a long novel, and just want to relax a bit. While he does info-dump a bit, it’s mostly because he’s trying to carve a really hard world into existence. Something that’s a mixture of humor, action, supernatural, and of course western as the backdrop.