And so begins the first official feature week through my blog, a time where I help an author/artist/anyone (I’m tweaking the ideas of feature week as it goes, spreading my wings and flying like a peacock Captain!)

Who is this person, you ask? Well….straight from her About page (I highly suggest clicking and looking at it yourself):


Lindsay built and destroyed her life trying to create the next best thing.

A healer and empath to the core, she sacrificed her own safety to try to save someone else. 

She’s a giver and teacher, a sassy Italian who carb loads on weekends. When her arms aren’t flailing around in conversations, she’s often lost in the writing world. But none of that matters if you don’t know why she’s here, right?

Lindsay is the survivor of an eighteen month relationship with a sociopath. After being thrown down a flight of stairs at The House on Sunset, Lindsay picked herself up off the floor and returned to her own home, carrying two trash bags of clothes and her dog, Watson, to start over. Jobless, her car was repossessed three days later. Then her house went into foreclosure proceedings. At twenty-seven, she was  an unemployed, homeless victim of abuse, but she changed her story and became a survivor.


There were plenty of disgustingly painful days when she slammed her head into walls to avoid the mental pain (by creating the physical). PTSD and body dysmorphic disorder in tow, healing became her number one priority.

Three years of trauma therapy changed her life.

Now, Lindsay works to speak on behalf of the survivors of intimate partner violence who aren’t ready to speak for themselves. She wants the world to see how insidious violence is, knowing no boundaries (like society ignorantly assumes). If you’ve ever said, “I’d never stay with someone who hit me,” or any variation of that phrase, she wants to talk to you first. Because – funny (or not) – she used to say the same damn thing.

Lindsay lives hers fiercely, staring down fear and opposition, to prove that. Through speaking, advocacy work and writing, she shares the darkest parts of her life so others will understand.

Find her words (written as Sarafina Bianco) on The Good Men ProjectXO Jane, and Sweatpants & Coffee. Lindsay also wrote a weekly writing column, Confessions of a Dirty Blonde.

She is proof that there is Life After Abuse (her words not mine).

Hope you’re all as excited for this as I am 🙂 

Stay tuned in for tomorrow! I’ll be putting up my review of her book House on Sunset