So my first Feature Week with the amazing Lindsay Fischer came to pass the week before last, and then I didn’t really post any reviews. Well that’s because a few things happened.

One is, personal life is crazy. No details. Just that things are shaking up, my job is hectic, and I don’t much of a chance to stay active on things.

The biggest thing though is that my writing came in one huge sweep. For anyone that knows me, as much as I love reading, as much as I love sitting down and spreading the words about other people’s works, I without a doubt love writing. Even if it doesn’t’ spread like wildfire, or doesn’t get published, I love to write. This means that when the writing bug bites me, I go deep into a trancelike state and focus solely on what it is I’m writing.

I started this blogging, and reviewing side job for multiple reasons. The main one is that well I take my sweet time when writing. So that means there’s likely going to be a ton of time between releases. And to not really get stuck doing nothing, float into oblivion, just kinda continue challenging myself in the realms of this indie realm, I thought that this was a hell of an idea. Still do. I love this. I’ve met people, readers, authors, other bloggers, and it’s fun as can be. Just the juggle is hard.

Between reading time, writing time, and blogging time, things can get pretty difficult to manage. I’m not trying to throw a slew of excuses, merely explaining the coming ideas.

I have many reviews from Goodreads that I still have to post up. I’ll get back to posting those twice a week (Mondays and Fridays.) I shall redo my previous Feature Weeks with added little updates. At the same time, I will be getting a bit tied up in my writing.

The sequel to When Angels Fail is in the process, a sort of writing exercise to stretch my muscles before going into some larger story concepts.
Note: I’m hoping to challenge myself with this sequel by making it more tight in relation to each other. As with the first, stories are linked, though this time it’ll be more than just minimal behind the scenes plans, and I hope to create a beginning and middle sort of arc for characters. End note.
I have a fantasy story I am planning and creating. At this moment it’s sort of a YA challenge. I have also been invited to several anthologies, so there are those that I’m working on.

While I am putting the writing aspect as a priority, I will be equally giving time to reading, and promoting/spreading the words of other authors.

This whole thing seemed kinda pointless, but it’s just an update, a sort of plans for the future, an early New Year’s resolution. Putting it out there so I have to keep to my word.

Anyways, if anyone has any questions please ask. Be it writing, reading, whatever, I would love to chat.

If you have a book you would like me to read, see the Policy page. I don’t have any problems with offers to read books, but I do want things to be organized and kept from being chaotic. So best to set up some order in the beginning.

Until next time

Yours Truly,

Michael B.