So really quick, maybe-ish. I don’t self-promote much. As you can see, since starting up this blog/site/thing-a-ma-jig I’ve spent more time promoting other people’s work than I have mentioning my own. Actually, I don’t think I mentioned my own, just simple went ahead and posted up my book(s) and hoped people would browse the tab. The thing is, I’m rather scared I’ll come off as egotistical, self-centered, me, me, me, me, blah-di-fucking-blah, me. The thing to that thing, is that I kinda sorta maybe am. I love talking about my work, I love talking about what I’m currently doing, and what not.
Now, I don’t have that big a list of things I’ve worked on. Hell I only have two books of my own available, and only consider one of them an actual book (sorry Scribbles, but you were an act of pure impulse, and think you need far more work than WAF ever needed). Even as far as anthology work goes, I’ve only three currently (though keep an eye open for stuff in the future, hint, hint, nudge, nudge).
Surprisingly enough, those anthology entries are the ones I’m most proud of. Not because the stories surpass those of When Angels Fail, I’m far too biased to tell whether they are or not, but because of the experiences I had. There’s something about being a part of a group project, especially when you’re a fan of the majority of the authors involved. That’s to say, I just haven’t gotten around to reading the other solo projects of those other halves yet. YET! Being the key word.
So I thought I’d take this time to do a lil Thoughts on this Piece of…well let’s not title it that, don’t want you all thinking it’s bad. I wish I could talk about the individual stories, and the author’s thoughts on those, but well I’m not the author haha. So I’ll just give a few words on my own. Not all in one post of course. I’ll post one book per post, every Thursday until I’m all out of books and anthologies. So we’ll go in order of those published.
P.S that was not quick at all, and I apologize. Kinda. Not really, but still, just to appear polite.
P.S.S one thing I do encourage people, be it for my books or any author whatsoever, always leave a review. You can hate the book, you can love the book, but share the review. Same goes for my work, I love reading reviews. Even if you hate my work completely and think me some nasty freaking things. Leave a review, I’m interested in knowing where to shape up. 🙂

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Blurb: A set of thoughts set in the form of poems touching on anything from love and lust to death and sorrow. Meant to inspire and understand that life isn’t just all bad nor is it all good.

Bahahaha it’s funny, I shit on my book Scribbles of an Idle Mind earlier, and tada, it’s the first one up.
So it’s no surprise that this is my first book. By an hour or two, it beat the original version of When Angels Fail. I’m not a poet, I don’t know much about rhyme schemes, clever word play, or anything of the like. I just knew that I wanted to be an author, I wanted my work out there, and I had two types of things to offer. One was a book of four VERY short stories, and the other as exactly as the title suggested.
Even when I went about publishing it, I had no grand ideas that I was a genius while writing this. I just wanted to show a little variety. Still do, really. I love horror, it is fantastic to me, but I also enjoy fantasy  and romance and so much more. That’s what Scribbles was meant to show. It was a sample taste of what I wanted to do.
I kick this book around a lot, and I’m sorry Scribbles. I love you, I’m proud of having published you. It’s why I haven’t taken you down, and pretended like you never ever existed. Had I not published this book, I don’t think I would have had the courage to go on to do WAF which would have meant I’d never jump into the indie pool. Which would in turn mean that I’d never be here doing what I’m doing now.
I read back through this, and it’s a lovely little thing, I can remember exactly what point in my life I was while writing each and every poem thingy. Also, it’s shown that I’ve grown, at least to me. While I may not have been writing for years and year, I’ve come into my own as of late, and I can look back on this thinking, well I’ll be damned.
This is probably the worst pitch to buy a book. This is all about why and how it resonates with the author, so of course he’s gonna look fondly of it. But I can’t really distance myself from the author platform. At least not on my own books. So here’s a goodreads review that will hopefully sway you.

Read it here on Goodreads if it suites you better.

S.R. McKade’s review:

A nice collection of observations on life seen through the eyes of many. I liked it. A wide range of emotions are vividly depicted in this short book. This book is not for people who cannot relate to the dark side of humanity, who have never been through disappointment, anger, bitterness. This book is for those who can appreciate the power of words to evoke emotions, to paint a certain picture, be it dark or happy. That is for the reader to decide.

How many of us can say that “Writer’s Block” didn’t hit too close to home?

“What do you see” makes me think of how many of us go through life averting our eyes from the trouble of others.

“Math” was sweet – it made me smile. And many of them could totally be songs. My favorite was In The Dark. The first line will always stay with me, “I walk amongst the dark for it is my home”
In The Dark was perfect.