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Originally posted April 11, 2014

Blurb: Everyone hates Monday.

Including Vincent who, at 9AM, already wants his shift to be over. Ten long hours sit before him, tedious, boring, repetitive.

Then he receives a phone call from Mr Pierce. A routine call at first, Mr Pierce becomes more aggressive and, eventually, violent and demanding. What started as a standard call quickly turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse. As the call develops, it’s clear that Mr Pierce is psychotic and that anything could push him over the edge.

You see, Mr Pierce has a secret to share with Vincent. A deadly, personal secret which shatters Vincent’s 9-5 world and could change his life forever.


Genre: Thriler, Supsense

The book works as one of those fast paced action thrillers that you find Denzel Washington playing in the lead role.
The beginning is a bit slow, setting up the feel, and sorta mundane kind of norm. But once it picks up the pace it really shifts gears from a maybe quirky day in the life of a customer service provider into a high intense thriller. Being a novella it’s short enough that it doesn’t drag, or suffer from fluff, and actually does well to develop the two characters. It’s rare for me to understand both point of views, most authors I read don’t seem to do that anymore, sadly, creating only a one dimensional villain with a full on main character. Keane doesn’t do this, making a neautral feel amongst the two. While you understand who the bad guy is, it’s hard to kind of judge him as the villain.
I went into it blindly and really enjoyed it. As my introduction to Stuart Keane, it’s a real open door into what he can do. It’s a fast read, engaging, and a bit out of my usual read which really held my attention, and gripped me into the story. I  am now sleep deprived because I had to finish it in one go.