Michael Anthony Benavidez

All Angels Shall Fail…


“Unlike a certain God I have the (un)fortunate pleasure of knowing, I do not play by a roll of the dice”


I am looking to reach into people and tear out their hear- no I don’t think I should include that. Shall take over the world? Well one day I hope so, but that’s not my current intention.

In all honesty I just hope to bring the horror, the fantasy, the deranged, the beautiful, and a combination of them all  into people’s souls.
Currently I am working on the series When Angels Fail, a collection of short horror stories, but shall not stop there. Age groups, and genres shall not hold the words I pen. I write for the joy of writing, no matter what it is that may spew forth. 

Being a self-published author in a sea of many many more self-published authors, I am looking to grow, and to get to know those of you who wish to read my book(s). Anyone and everyone is accepted. Feedback as well as just random conversations is greatly encouraged here. I do not discriminate. You are all awesome to my eyes. Merely keep things civil, that is all I ask.

This page will also serve as a sort of two-in-one kind of website. I am not a professional blogger by any means. I do not have a reading schedule of reading this and this and that on a strict time. I read when I can, what I can, and however I can. I am a book lover, for how can you write if you do not read and read and read.  So to keep this page up to date and just all around active, I will be posting up reviews of indie books that I come across.

Along with these reviews, I shall do features of sorts. Those that have followed me on Facebook will know that these week long features will consist of reviews, links, wonderful bits of information, and a concluding interviews.

I’m looking to interact with other authors, as well as readers, and just want to open the doors for many people. This is a hopeful open community, and hope to spread books of any and every genre.

In conclusion, thank you for reading this mouthful, and sticking to the end! Please share and subscribe. I look forward to starting all of this up.

One more thing, as a sort of P.s to all of this: All pictures I use (not counting the book covers) are done by, and credited completely to April Benavidez. Along with that, every quote that is posted, is my own. Be it a small part from a story, or something written specifically for the page.


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