Michael Anthony Benavidez

All Angels Shall Fail…


The day dreams onward. Swirls of colorful life decays in a collision of metal. It folds and bends outwards with the chaotic ambiance of an abstract artist. The world disengages from reality. As death creeps further from the surreal malice of the onslaught, a maelstrom of nightmares convulse into spastic shards of broken bones.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding anything that I offer. I urge you to refer to my Policy page first, before directly going to contact me. Other than that I merely ask that you please be civil, and would ask that you do not spam me with a barrage of the same requests. I will try to get responses as quick as I possibly can.


I would ask you to sign in blood, and summon me via pentagram buuuut that doesn’t seem to be in the options so just fill out below….

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