Michael Anthony Benavidez

All Angels Shall Fail…


Drop dead it says,
And so it parts in the wind
A wish to keep you happy
It blows like dust in the wind
Swirling about you its says
‘Anything to keep you happy’


Submissions are currently open

If an author would like to have me read their book for an honest review (there will be no sugar-coating on the flaws, if any, that I personally find within the book), I will gladly accept to read it. These are just a few of the rules that must be followed, and depending on how this goes, the rules are subject to change.

  • First and foremost, I will not accept any free books. To keep this as bias free as possible, I will personally buy the book myself.
  • I will read any genre, from the YA to full on Adult, horror to romance/erotic. This does not guarantee that I will read the book, though. As much as I want to be unbiased, and accept any book given to me, there may be either personal taste or another reason that I will have to decline. I will do my best to look into it, and give a response as to whether I will review it or not.
  • Because I buy the book, does not guarantee a review. These reviews are my own opinion, and am not speaking for the general public. I’m not one to spread any sort of hate on any sort of book, and if I find it to be far far from my taste, then I will privately reach you and tell you so. Privately. And if it is seen as a fair assessment, then that will be posted. If not, then there will be no review.
  • Also tied into the fact that no review is guaranteed, I have yet to come across a book that I could not finish. While some have taken quite some time, I have finished every book I’ve read. But that isn’t to say there won’t be. So it seems fair to say that if I cannot finish a book, then there will be no review for it.
  • Email me your request to michaelb@whenangelsfail.com
  • Don’t attach a file or anything, please. As previously stated I seek to buy the book myself to eliminate bias.
  • I will need the blurb, genre/sub-genre, and link(s) on where it can be found.
  • If accepted (which it probably will be) I’ll let you know what else to send me for the review.
  • Also I ask for your patience. I’m catching up on my reading, as well as writing. This is just to fill in those time gaps between releases and to interact with authors and readers.
  • As far as features and interviews go, those will occur after I have read quite a bit of the author’s collection. So I have a bit more insight, and knowledge, and just more to share, I will be selective on the week-long features. For now at least.

Again, these rules are likely to change depending on how well it goes.

3 thoughts on “Policy

  1. Michael, Would you be interested in reviewing The Talisman Child by Cameron Macauley? I’ve read your policy statement and will await your reply. Genre: Occult / Supernatural / Adventure. 230 pages and the first book in a trilogy, but stands alone too. I saw your post on Dark Writers Unite (FB).

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